Special Guest Appearance to the SecondMoonshot Warehouse!

Every time I see my kids, it’s special….this was no exception. Carrianne is my oldest and well known for her impeccable choice of fashion as you will agree with the one-of-a-kind t-shirt (well, 6 of-a-kind technically). She just moved into a new house (rental for now while she saves and invests at a mammoth pace for a home to call her own). She was on the hunt for vintage (I.e. free) furniture and acquired a nice wood veneer computer desk, dining room table and 2 dressers. 

She is the one that created the SecondMoonshot current logo and created its own font! How cool is that. Her second job is VP of Branding for SecondMoonshot…honorary title as it comes with no pay, but she earned it.



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