2016 Porsche 911 4S 80k Major Service DIY

 Well, now that I have time on my hands, I decided to take on the service work for the 2016 C4S. Dealer would be charging me between $2500 and $3000. Parts and misc needed tools came to about $550 and ended up taking me about 8 hours. I have a Quick Jack which I love and makes lofting the car a breeze. 

Service included:

  • Spark plug replacement
  • Oil and filter change
  • Cabin and pollen filter change
  • Serpentine/drive belt replacement
  • Air filter change
I was a little nervous taking this on and YouTube, RennList and a few other sites got me through it. Spark plugs were probably the most frustrating part because I had to use some combination of extensions to get to the plugs. Serpentine belt probably took the longest mostly because you have to remove rear bumper, wing, and airbox, but easier than I thought - its like a big lego set. When I removed the carriage bolt the engine dropped a little and was glad I got a bottle Jack to lift engine up again to put it back in. Before I took off any vacuum hose, used White Out to mark where it goose back. Next time I will use a paint pen, sucks when you spill a bottle of white-out on your engine. 

Only tools I wish I had bought and will have for next time are some locking quick release socket extensions to get spark plugs out and need to invest in a better torque wrench. Gotta love my duct tape holding all the extensions together on my ratchet. 

I didn’t do the brake fluid flush and decided to just do that when I replace the pads and rotors next time. Also I do need to do the AWD controller oil. Going to need 2 new rear tires in next 6 months. 

I am not an expert mechanic by any means, but if you have a day or 2 and reasonably good size balls, it’s fun, gives you some real respect for the engineering of these cars, and saves you a large amount of dough. I had put it off for 2 months before I got the courage up, and in the end, it wasn’t that hard. Below are a few pics from the journey. The Quick Jack - priceless, it really made things easy although never totally comfortable climbing under the car on it.

The next day, my muffler cracked by the catalytic converter on the 944 so now have deal with that. I ordered a new gasket and hardware set from 944online.com (plug for Ian who has no idea who I am, but I know him). Pretty sure has been leaking for a while and my money is that this is the source of me not getting full boost on the turbo. Ted, my neighbor, is going to help me repair it…he welds and I have been reading up on this aluminum low temp rods….what can go wrong? Couple guys, tools, car and ambition…life is good. 

Oh, and I am crazy cheap, so I have a decent amount of “normal” tools around and get Porsche specific items where I can cheaply off Harbor Freight or Amazon. 


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