SecondMoonshot Storage/Warehouse Update #3

What a day. We got snow last night and was scheduled to move to the new 400sq ft climate controlled storage unit. We stuck with the plan and moved about half of the unit and will maybe finish tomorrow.  Size is good and love all the space. Spent about $500 on 8 more shelving units. Zabrina threw in some plants behind my back, I’ll talk to her later. Did a healthy dose of insecticide spray as well and will continue to do so monthly. Every item is wrapped in stretch wrap just in case, with the exception of some cast iron and china sets.  

Every item gets the listing updated with a shelving unit and shelf location when brought to the warehouse…shelving units ge from A to Z and shelves from 1 to 5. So A5, etc. I just put it at end of the listing description. 

Update: 1/23/22: Ok, the move is now complete. There was a lot of ice at the old unit and a slope so grateful I didn’t break any bones. Only damage was the knees of a resin Buddha, so removed that listing and Zabrina decided it would be best in the front lawn anyway. Going to move the table to the middle and use that for packing each morning as Zabrina would be happy to get that activity out of the house. So my morning routine to try will be to 1) pick books from the house, 2) go to storage around 6 or 6:30 and pick all the shipments, 3) pack them up at the storage, 4) drop off at UPS since it opens earlier at 8am, 5) go by house and get any outgoing mail from Zabrina, and then 6) go to USPS and drop off the outgoing mail. Oh, then 7) of course…take knap! I am joking, I rarely take a knap.

The Buddha ended up in the bathroom.

No longer there, I guess the wife thought a naked women statue in a bathroom was not a good decision. Good Call.

1/25/22: Updated pictures:

2/2/2022: Updated pictures

Update 2/22/22

Ok, one more update from 4/13/2022. I am going to build some shelves specifically to hold framed pictures and glass which is getting a bit out of hand. Will do that where the boxes which are laying flat are. My daughter confiscated the other table so had an old antique round table with leaf that I brought in and found a cool vintage metal office chair which is quite comfortable. Turn on the tunes and can find myself hanging out here for hours.



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