Estate Sale Picks - Steve Minor Estate Sale and Private Warehouse Pick

The year started off slow from a buying perspective with nearly no estate sales for the first 10 days, but was strong on the selling side - probably my second strongest month (second to September 2021 with the Stallion Boots). Over the last week, came into a visit to a warehouse an hour out of town by one of the team for JMS Estate Sales and walked away with some pretty good finds (and some not so good, but we wont worry about those…they go into the next Yard Sale pile). 

Zabrina and I also went to a Steve Minor Estate Sale in Cary NC on Friday morning with some very nice and well cared items, many unique and will be listing all of these over the next week. We got in early (#3 and #4) and bought strong. 

Here are some of the items we will be listing soon. 

There is a lot more that cant be seen like some awesome Asian vases, Chinese granite etching, and Chinese large wall hanging scrolls (signed I think).

I move from the 10’x20’ unit/warehouse/storage with Public Storage to the new 20’x20’ unit which is a few buildings down. Pretty excited and you will of course see pictures as the build takes place. I was thinking about a stand-alone warehouse (lease or buy), but in the end, it just didn’t make sense when I can essentially get space for less than $1 per sqft/mo. Facilities have power in the units, have local restroom facilities, and reasonable hours which don’t seem to impact me very often (6am to 9pm). A little side bonus is if I am in dire need of any shipping supplies, they have them in the office at fair prices.



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