Friend and Porsche Ambassador - Roy Roth and his new Blog (or “Roy learns about the Internet”)

Roy initially sold me my first Porsche, the 2016 Carrera 4S in January of 2018 and I have mentioned him a few times throughout my Blog. He sent me a note today with a link to his new Blog. Roy is the uncommon salesman and a quality person that I am proud to call a friend. He can normally be found at Southpoint Porsche pleasing many people on a daily basis and if not there, probably trying to talk his wife into letting him get behind the wheel to his recent Macan he purchased for her.

Below is me picking up the car. This was my pre-COVID look obviously, have degraded over time. The shadow at the bottom of the picture is Roy’s silhouette.

Update: Porsche had Roy pull the side down, so the link may not work.



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