Estate Sale Picks - Grannie Panties and the Popup Sale

Kim and Grannie Panties sent a late email that she would be slowly unloading one of her stores contents into her parking lot for a clearance sale. Wasn’t overly advertised by since it was Kim, it was a better option then driving an hour and a half to Hickory NC for an estate sale for a lawyer. The crowd was light, very friendly and no pushing or shoving, a couple familiar faces but a good overall experience. Spend about $100 overall but got some good finds. Some of the items will end up staying in the house like this milk glass (jadite?) flour shaker which will now serve as a Cocoa Shaker in the coming months.

Kim was a bit overwhelmed during the initial start and as often happens the crowd helped out where they could. We also found a few nice items which will serve as stocking stuffers for the family. 

We took a break  in the middle of the sale to go over to the Scrap thrift store which has the absolute best book section (probably in the state, its closer to a library with thousands of nicely organized high quality books) and within an hour had two dozen sized books and a handful of others which were of notable value.  

On our return back to Grannies, we picked up a few more things and then had to dash at last minute for a family emergency. All in all, a good day…maybe will go back today after a Liberty Estate Sale as she is constantly pulling stuff out.



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