Estate Sale Picks - Steve Minor Estate Sales in Raleigh, NC - Boots, Books, Plates….oh my….Boots, Books, Plate

Steve Minor had a Thursday / Friday estate sale, so I thought I would go by a few minutes after it started. It kicked off at 8a and I came in around 8:10a due to another commitment. Turned out a little better than I though and found some items that should do well. Just picked books that looked interesting and 2 or 3 of them were signed, others were just interesting books or French cook books which do reasonably well. Poking around upstairs I found an empty box for boots, so went on the hunt to find the boots that fit and ended up finding them in excellent condition, so got a few other pairs…one antique pair and another Born Boots leather pair also in very good shape. We’ll see how they do. Relatively easy atmosphere today and crowd was generally well-behaved. So much nicer to just go right after they open and skip the chaos phase.



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