Guess the Antique - Items I haven’t Been Able to Identify -or- Stump the Chump

Over the last year, I have gotten couple items which I just haven’t been able to identify. For some reason, that only encourages me to buy it! See if you can offer any help and post your thoughts in the comments.

#1 - Some kind of needle or primitive pick? (SOLD)

I got these with some other upholstery and rug making or repair lot, so best guess might be some kind of rug or upholsters needle. They are made of steel (magnetic), too heavy to be knitting needles which are traditionally lighter weight.

SOLVED: Bull pin

#2 - Some kind of mini sewing machine-like device? (SOLD)

Got this recently, haven’t researched yet. It’s a bit rusty and cast iron, about 6” tall, and it moves/rotates in some way, but all the rust might be jamming things up. Some medieval garlic press maybe? There are 1/2” needle like tines below the small platform.

SOLVED: Reasonably certain this is a device to get the pits out of grapes or raisins (based on what the buyer told me, but sounds right). This was the fastest sale I have ever had and this sold within 2 minutes. Cleaned it up, repaired a broken piece with JB Weld (with total transparency).

#3 - Some kind of nail thing? (NOT LISTED)

Best guess I have for this is that it might be some kind of hoof or nail cleaner for large animals like horse or cow or something. 

#4 - Some kind of locking device? (NOT LISTED)

I used to have a lock that looked like a turtle, but this doesnt seem to have any real ‘lock’ to prevent access. The end screws off and then the bar removes, but doesn't give any other clues. Made of brass and the shaft moves up and down and removes when the bolt at the end is removed.

SOLVED: When taken out of context, things just don’t look right. Such is the case of this clock pendulum. Or at least that’s what I think it is.

#5. Sone kind of kitchenware or ladle? (SOLD)

These sold but the buyer didn’t know what they were either. Maybe 18th century Asian stir fry spoon set?

#6. Wooden crate with dowels (LISTED)

Not sure what this was intended to carry. Like it though.

#7. Giant contact lens? (LISTED)

Portal window? Picture glass (although seems too thick and curved)?

Help appreciated!



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