Estate Sale Picks - JMS Estate Sales and Blue Moon Estate Sales

On Saturday, decided to hit a JMS Sale which turned out pretty good getting some decent items and very fair prices (typical JMS)….and did a bit of low effort picking in the garage. While I was in the garage attic, I noticed a large volume of flat large heavy duty boxes and also picture boxes, probably a few hundred. Went back on Sunday to get the boxes with Zabrina and to make it worth JMS’ time, picked up a few other things along the way. We got as many boxes that we could get into our Volvo XC60, which ended up being about a 30” stack. I will use these for custom boxes, cut down into backing board for the books and other periodicals, but will be great for custom boxes of large pictures which really need the heavy duty cardboard (which I have been getting at Lowe’s for probably $3.50 each - so this should cover me for a year or two!

Update: The Chalk board was listed as a “Harvard” chalk board, not sure why as it had an IKEA sticker on it, apparently from the Luns product line. Didn’t bother me much, as this was for us and here is a picture of it cleaned up. May still paint the whole thing…maybe dark red? I think they used it as an ashtray before. Probably wrote on the board with an arrow to the trays “Ashes go here!!’

So on Sunday, Zabrina and I went to get the boxes and a few other things at JMS and then moved onto another sale for Blue Moon in Fuqua-Varina NC. Well Well Well…as it turned out, this was Mr. Blue’s own home and estate (not dead, just retiring to Belize and building a resort of some type in western NC mountains). A wonderful house with all types of treasures available for the last day (50% off) sale, so much to pick from. Ended up spending much more than I planned, but the quality and price was too good to pass up and these were the types of items which can raise the SecondMoonshot level a notch or two (and the average sale price). Always have been hoping to find a Marley & Me book by John Grogan signed…Check. The fish design cutlery hurt the wallet a bit, we’ll see how that pans out. My first antique shotgun shell loader…Check on that too.


That’s it for now. Oh, Harvest Moon tonight, expect some pics from Z.  Need to get her a 500mm lens to take to next level.



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