SecondMoonshot Logo v4.0

Update 01/10/2022:

Update 10/25/2021:

The final logo. Got a T-Shirt made through Zazzle and it came out awesome. My daughter, Carrianne, helped clean it up with some professional graphic tools and some drawing skills (she works for Adobe).

My first stab at coming up with a non-photo logo. I want a hand drawn look, but maybe better than mine as I have zero artistic skills. The idea was the 2 vertices rectangles loosely are Roman numeral II and the inverted moon, best I got and it’s simple. Open to better ideas, this is about all me, my finger, and my iPad could muster. 

This is Zabrina’s version of the logo:

Latest version:

The latest branded shirts. Got one for the entire family. Thats a model in the pics as my belly wouldn’t fit in the frame.



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