Estate Sale Picks - JMS Estate Sales, Vintage X-Acto Set, Flintridge Dishes, Glo Hill Cocktail Knives/Forks

Last weekend on Labor Day weekend, we went to the only estate sale going on in Raleigh, NC which was by JMS Estate Sales. Being the only one, you can imagine the crowd and 3 hours prior to opening there were already 10 on the list and was rumored that someone brought a sleeping back and got there real early (unconfirmed). We have been to a number of JMS sales and they do a lot of the “picking” type sales, but equally handle more mid-level larger sales well too. John and Keith are easy to work with and fair in their pricing (if not more than fair) and we always enjoy their sales and find some interesting items. This was one of the nicer sales and we ended up getting 15 and 16 on the list, but the house was pretty large, so it was filled up with the full attendance in no time at all.

Probably the headline find was a vintage X-Acto Hobby Chest which was about 10” x 14” x 4” and had 40+ items in it. When I listed it, it went within an hour.

There were probably more than 50 Wallace Nutting hand colored photo prints, but passed on most of them, but on my way out of one of the bedrooms, grabbed a miniature framed nutting picture which was about 3” x 4”, that too sold pretty quickly. In hindsight, probably should have picked up some of the larger prints, oh well.

Zabrina picked a few nice pieces, including a signed (really signed with pen) Avondale 3D plate which was in good condition, a nice set of Glo Hill cocktail knives and fork made of Bake-Lite and stainless steel, as well as a Syracuse China boxed ashtray (we thought it was a butter dish or something initially).

Other notables are a nice spring 6oz postal balance / scale, a cool looking silver plate rimmed shrimp dip bowl, and a signed print framed by Robert Marble. Also got a nice set of Flintridge California Gray Platinum place that were in good shape and will sell in pieces as replacements.

Overall, a weekend that could have had nothing suddenly yield some good finds. Well done JSM guys. And thanks Raymond for helping us to pack the dishes. Next weekend we will be off, so no sales unless Zabrina decides to hit part 3 of the Chelsea Antiques sale which is by Baby Boomers.



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