eBay and Time Away Feature

This is the first time I am using the eBay Time Away option and so far so good. Took my father down to Myrtle Beach Marriott Vacation Club for a few days, we have a few weeks of time share, although only doing a long weekend.

Setup was about as easy as you could think of. Just put in a start and end date, and an optional away message. They did have an option to allow buyers to purchase while your away and then you can ship them when you return, which is the option I chose. Pretty sure it will not have a negative impact on your 1 Business Day shipping record.  I didn’t do the start date 1 day in advance, and I really should have…it just had me scrambling the night before and having to coordinate with family to get the packages to the post office the next day. Just do the extra day before. I didn’t change the end date past the actual vacation, and figured it wont be too big of a challenge to ship everything the day after I return.

The only item worth improving is that you can only setup one Time Away at a time, so I had to change my end of September Time Away and update for this one, then when I return, I will update it for the next trip. Would be nice if I could have put all of the known Time Away into the system in advance, but instead have to do one at a time. Minor but worth noting. It’s simple and it works.



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