SecondMoonshot Shipping Materials Shopping List

Below are the item which I regularly order, this is more for my own quick reference than for anyone else. Build your own list! I keep most of the boxes and supplies in the garage, and slowly moving the majority to the storage unit/warehouse.

I encourage you to look for best pricing as there are always specials and pricing constantly changes so fast, I can’t keep up  content below was current at the time of the writing, but sure many things outdated.  

AGU Warning Fragile Tape-Handle with Care Packing Printing Tape-2 Inch x 330 Feet (110 Yards)-2 Rolls

  • This is a good tape, sticks well and one roll lasts a long time. I don't mess with stickers and just use    small pieces of the tape on sides of a box that don't have any Fragile portions of the tape visible from sealing the box.
  • Update: I now buy this in 6 packs.

Duck Brand EZ Start Packing Tape Refill, 4 Rolls, 1.88 Inch x 54.6 Yard, Clear (280068)

  • You can also get these at Walmart for close to the same price in a pinch. I like this because its quiet and doesn't make that screeching sound when you tape something. The rolls are only 55 yards, so I tend to go through them pretty quick. Sticks well and a thicker quality tape.
  • Update: I now only use Uline S-423 110yd tape and often find deals. 

Bubble Cushioning wrap 300 ft² (3 Rolls of 100 ft x 12" Wide) 1/2" Large Bubble- Perforated Every 12''- with 10 Fragile Stickers by Fresh Farm LLC

  • I primarily use this for larger jobs when they occur. Normally the medium 5/16 size is just right but bug item which need more significant padding and filler will get large. For $22 and some change with free shipping for 300 ft, not a bad deal, $7.35/roll (100 ft).
  • Update: Good deals have dried up so I buy 4 roll packs from Fresh Farms LLC on Amazon for about $40.

American Bubble Boy Antistatic Bubble, 400 Square feet, 5/16th (Medium) Bubbles, 12" Wide, Perforated Every 12", Original Grade

  • This is the one I tend to use the most. I move around on brands based on where the better price is and buy in packs of 4 at a time which gives me the best price. American Bubble Boy is a good brand, pink in color, and right now the better price. This is running about $40 for 4 rolls with free shipping, so $10/roll (100 ft).
  • Update: Medium is the most expensive and use American Bubble Boy at $48 for 4 rolls. 

Bubble Cushioning wrap 700 ft² (4 Rolls of 175 ft x 12" Wide) - 3/16" Small Bubble - Perforated Every 12''- with 10 Fragile Stickers by Fresh Farm LLC 

  • I used to use this all the time, but now tend to use it a lot for pre-packing items in storage to avoid breakage and then when ready to ship, will do an additional wrap in the medium or large bubble wrap. About $32 for 4 rolls with free shipping, so $8/roll (175 ft).
  • Update: Small cell is probably the cheapest and get 4 rolls from Forest Farms LLC at Amazon for $40.

Sales4Less #4 Poly Bubble Mailers 9.5X14.5 Inches Shipping Padded Envelopes Self Seal Waterproof Cushioned Mailer 100 Pack

Sales4Less 5 Poly Bubble Mailers 10.5X16 Inches Padded Envelope Mailer Waterproof Pack of 100 , White

  • Once I got the Sales4Less mailers, I was hooked, they are a very good quality and not the flimsy things you might find at a dollar store or Walmart, they are almost like a shell. I use these for the majority of the books I ship - I wrap the book in wrapping paper and sandwich the book between 2 pieces of cardboard. Works really well and the boards protect the corners if dropped. When bought in packs of 100, about .44 cents per mailer for the #5 (10.5 x 16) and .50 cents per mailer for the #4. Not sure why the smaller mailer is more, but suspect it is the one in higher demand.
  • Recently found the iMBAPrice ones in #5 for .35 in packs of 100.

4 Pack Mini Stretch Wrap with Easy Grip Handle, Self-Dispensing, 5 in x 1000 ft Per Roll, 80 Gauge, Mini Shrink Wrap, Industrial Mini Stretch Wrap Film, for Moving and Shipping, 4 Pack

  • I just get above at Walmart, not much difference in price, and better handle. I use a LOT of this stuff and need to start buying in bulk at some point, but now that I have the warehouse moved into and most things wrapped with this, I don't anticipate I will be using it as quickly. Found out the handle on the Walmart ones are removable, so will start looking for refill rolls only. 
  • Update: I now buy this by 12 pack case and use 5” x 1000’ from theBoxery on Amazon for $48. 

Carbona Wipe Sliver Flat Pack, Birthday Cake 12 Count

  • I do a lot of silver cleaning and swear by these, always have a few spare packs around. 
  • Update: I now use Goddard’s Silver Polish 18 Oz foaming cleaner, works great. Wipes are ok, but dry out too quickly.

Aviditi 1294 Flat Corrugated Cardboard Box 12" L x 9" W x 4" H, Kraft, for Shipping, Packing and Moving (Pack of 25)

  • I tend to go with the Aviditi brand, consistent product and lots of sizes at a fair price. One day, I will go to a local packaging supplier and buy some boxes in bulk, but for now, this is ok...but wont last for long.
  • I try to use cut down 12x12x8 USPS boxes but sometimes I need these. 

Wrapping paper from Public Storage ($12.99)

  • Public Storage (where I have a storage as well) is where I get the wrapping paper. Its a 10 lb roll and $12.99. I haven't found it cheaper anywhere else including Lowe's, Walmart, Amazon, etc. Keep a couple packs in overstock to have available.

Free supplies USPS (

  • Did I mention they are free? Non-flat rate boxes can be Frankenstein'ed together to give you a lot of flexibility to combine 2 boxes, to cut boxes down, etc. They do take 7 to 10 days to arrive, so I have been keeping some overstock and order well before I run out. You can't use them for First Class or Media Mail though and can't turn them in reverse to use. USPS gets a LOT of eBay Sellers money, so take advantage of this little perk.



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