Estate Sale Picks - Simple Sisters, Mikasa Dinnerware, 2 Pair of New Ariat Boots, Hats, Copper and Brass Collectibles

Today I went with my son (Mitchell) to the Simple Sisters estate sale in Wake Forest, NC. Got a little concerned when we showed up at 10:45 for a Noon start and they said they don’t use numbers or list. The concern was unfounded and all the buyers stood in a nice structured (6 feet apart) line and behaved themselves. It was a very comfortable low-pressure sale and the staff were all extremely helpful and super nice. They will definitely be on my future “approved vendor” list going forward; I think they are just starting out, but a great start if that is true.

Prices were very fair for a first day sale, although probably a few items higher than expected, but that’s just the way estate sales are, not out of the norm for sure. Specifically went for the New in Box Ariat boot, which I did get, although twice of what I hoped to get them for, but they should sell well and still make a reasonable profit. A good bit of copper, which has been selling extremely well, although think a piece or two I got are low-end. I don’t waste time looking up on eBay every item I buy, I go on experience and feel and so far, my odds keep increasing the more I do it. There were some stained glass pieces, but I opted not to go for those (and couldn’t find some of them).  At last minute, I opted to go for a Mikasa Country Place 45-piece setting for a pretty reasonable price, I think I can piece it out pretty easily and it was an attractive set.

Overall, a pleasant experience and hope to see the Simple Sisters team more.



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