Auction Picks - Gander & Gavel, Wilson NC, Copper Tea Pot, Vintage Kitchenware, Trays, Scale

We went to the Gander & Gavel Auction Co. estate sale today in Wilson, NC. We got there a few minutes after 7:05am to get our number (13 and 14) for an 8am start, so a respectable attendance overall. Found a few items, although the Columbia Family Scale/60 lb was snatched pretty quick by the #1 person as the first item…one of the key items I was hoping to get. Got a few good items pictured which I will get listed this week on eBay. Got a large box of recent books, must have weighed 100 pounds and now hurt my back carrying it - buying it was shall we say…against my better judgement and donations should be for a portion of them. We’ll list some of them in smaller related lots and make a small (albeit painful) profit, but luckily it worked out…Zabrina was committed to make it work.

Organization of the auction was OK, and Stephanie and Andrew, owners are very nice and accommodating people. If I’m not mistaken, retired Air Force….I met him early in the year doing an online auction during pickup. Sale was a bit disorganized (but not overly and not much different than any other estate sale I have been to…it’s just the norm), but am sure there are so many factors that play into holding an estate sale, but they did manage the inflow well and we got in on the first wave (limited initially for COVID reasons). I question the method of selling books in such huge lots to the point one cant lift the box…but whatever; I get selling cheap books in lots…but maybe smaller lots? Overall, items were price fairly for a first day auction.

Some pics below. Scale was a nice find as well as copper tea pot. I’m a sucker for anything in an original box, hence the Veg-O-Matic and Mince-O-Matic items. Laundry basket of vintage pots and pans, we’ll see how that works out. The 2 trays were something I was specifically hoping to get, so that was good. Some vintage kitchen timers which I will probably sell as a lot of 4. Also 2 old poor condition copper pots for Zabrina to use as planters, but drill a few holes in them and great planters.

This will probably be it this weekend unless I decide to go to Spring Hope for a parking lot auction. Haven’t decided yet.



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