Estate Sale Picks - Baby Boomer Estate Sales: Chelsea Antiques in Durham, NC

On a gut feel, we decided to go to the 1/2 off last day estate sale held by Baby Boomer Estate Sales for the Chelsea Antique Store. We didn’t know what to expect and thought we would go in for no more than an hour and then go to some Blue Moon last day sales and get our number in line early for some good pickings. Turns out we stayed there for 2 or 3 hours and then ate lunch after across the street at Fosters. It started at 9a and we were there at 8a to get on the list, while we were the first. It was so comfortable and everyone (customers and staff), were just so nice, you didn’t feel like you needed to compete, rush, just browse and share items with other customers. Totally different feel and must try another Baby Boomer to see if it was unique to this environment or something they nurture. They staff helped move stuff to the large holding area and made sure to label everyone’s area clearly (we got our own table we had so much!). I didnt have enough cash, so put on credit card and they don’t even have a surcharge for that. Well done BB team.

We were so excited with some of the finds, the place was amazing. HUGE numbers of vintage books and other items. Zabrina’s top find was a 7” silver plate sugar shaker. Mine was a plethora of vintage books and multi-volume sets.

I’ll probably get these posted late in the week, have a little backlog and the setup of the storage / warehouse has taken a good bit of time and will throughout the week.

(The dog is my daughter’s Pit Bull, “Trooper”. She’s borrowing my car for a couple weeks due to fender bender. Guess the dog fits ok.)
Lots to do! Sales this weekend was an all-time high. Needed the inflow about now, problem is sales are happening faster than I can add new quality listings.



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