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What I Have Learned So Far - eBay and Shipping Efficiently

I am sitting at the car dealer getting some service done, so thought I would get another blog post done. I am at Porsche Southpoint in Durham, NC - great folks (hey Roy!). This is the only place I love coming to get car service done…other than paying the bill…but this is warranty work, so all good. For this blog post, I thought I would share some guidance or learnings related to shipping (primarily with eBay, but applies probably to all types of shipping). As I mentioned on the other post, still learning and I bet others (or you) have even more tips to share.  Let’s get started. 1. When I can’t use eBay, I go to They don’t charge a subscription and just put in the size, weight and shipping info and it gets billed back to you. Pretty straight forward. I use this once a month or so, and pricing is pretty good. One example where I can’t use eBay is if I am shipping some sheet music and eBay for whatever reason, does not support USPS Media mail for this categ

What I Have Learned So Far - eBay and My Returned Orders

Before I get started, it is best to qualify that I have only been doing eBay and online selling for a little over 7 months. So I am going to do a series on lessons learned / tips and tricks over that time and plans going forward. Every day I learn something new whether it is about eBay itself or learning about a new area of products. I will refer to this series as “What I Have Learned So Far”…for obvious reasons. Some of the things I learn are by mistake/error, some are unexpected buyer outcome/expectations and others by just having identified a new business need. This blog post will be specifically about the returns I have had over the last 7 months.  It is also worth noting that I am very gracious on returns, if someone doesn’t like it, for any reason whatsoever, I will offer them a full refund including shipping as well as pay for the return shipping should I want the item back. Normally, if an item is <$20 sale, then the return will just put more cost into the listing and I will