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eBay Pricing - How Do I Price Listings?

How do I Price listings? First I have to admit that there is not really a specific strategy that applies to everything. Factors which play into it: Condition Presence of original packaging / box and its condition How much the shipping will be (I don’t do free shipping) Is it an exceptional listing that represents the brand? Emotional value (to me or Zabrina), do we want it for display in our house for a while? Rarity or saturation Past experience with item or category Comps Sales history (myself and other sellers) How many similar items like it do I have? First off, let me say that, the more I do this, the more that I am improving and find I can do more pricing with minimal or no lookup. Once I a price an item, it absolutely is not set in stone but fluid based on number of watchers over time; the cost I paid (which really only influences higher value pricing) is rarely an influencing factor as I look at the cost of a whole lot and not single items. So some items might just get my cost

A Week in the Life of SecondMoonshot

I thought I would document what a typical week is like for me with SecondMoonshot. I’ll start with Monday and close with Sunday. This will be a live blog post and will update as I progress through the week of May 16th to 22nd, 2022. Monday Monday through Thursday are mostly days filled with posting new listing from purchases acquired over the weekend. I start the week with creating new listings on my iPad. I normally will have all the items filtered in the great room downstairs an sort between garbage, donate/yard sale and resale by Monday morning. Garbage goes in garbage, donate/yard sale goes in attic waiting for the next neighborhood yard sale, and resale goes into the office for new listings. Zabrina hates when I have the piles in the living room for too long so have to have everything moved by Sunday night.  Purchases will have come from One Man’s Treasure Auctions primarily, consignments I picked up the prior week, with an occasional estate sale or thrift store thrown in. I usual

Custom Picture Framing Portfolio - Volume #2

Here is a second volume of framing projects, a continuation of Volume #1 . For pricing information, go here . I think I picked up this Greg Smith (Walterboro, SC) photograph at auction. Had an existing preowned frame in great shape and also had TruVue UV glass as a bonus, better than the tacky navy blue one it had. Left the existing mat because it was signed although not a fan of black core. Added a black mat covering on back and affixed the bio. Left existing hardware as it was just fine. Estimated price for the refresh would be $19.   SOLD. For sale on eBay here . A couple consignment pictures that needed to have some new backing boards, dust covers and hardware. Glass, matting and frame are original. The japanese Mt. Fuji picture had a very old framing label that looked cool, so repaired with with document repair tape and added to the back. For some reason unknown to me, I decided I would not affix my framing label to consignment frames I refreshed.  Contact me if any interest until