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First Vacation since SecondMoonshot

Let’s blog about something other than eBay! I decided to take my first vacation since the origin of SecondMoonshot! It has been in planning for the last 9 months and planned out with precision by Mark, a colleague from years past in corporate America. He’s one of the few people I still keep in touch with from that world and he coordinated a 4 day driving vacation, of which I only participated in 2 of the days - the last 2 days were track time at Road Atlanta which perhaps I’ll do next year. The overall plan was for a group of like-minded car guys to meet up at a hotel/resort near Robbinsville NC (Tapoco Lodge) and ride the Tail of the Dragon and many other spirited roads along the area, stopping for some great sights, keeping an eye on the speed limit (then completely abandoning it), and having some great food which mostly consisted of pork product. Pretty much everyone were serious driver with tons track time and I was the weakest link, but felt like I held my own for the most part, a

Some History of SecondMoonshot

Let me give out some history of how all this [SecondMoonshot] started, a small family business created by me and my partner, Zabrina. To begin with, from the age of 13 I have never not had a job, whether it be mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, short stint doing Sunday night DJ at a local radio station (well sorta, more an operator of pre-recorded content), pizzerias (more than a few), office supply and furniture clerk/manager/delivery, Family Dollar as assistant manager (while the manager blew coke in the office), sold Apple Macintosh’s at the Charleston Naval Station PX, and on and on. Much of this was to work my way through college, at which I was not a great student. It only took me 9 years to get my degree (with a probation and a couple DUIs thrown in). Once I graduated with a BS Computer Science degree, I did what we did back in the day, printed out 200 resume’s and sent them to every IT company in South Carolina and landed a job in the Healthcare IT space in 1990. Fast forward