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Auction Picks - One Man’s Treasure Auction Company, Spring Hope, NC and the Spring Hope Classic Car Show

Back in mid-2021 I had heard about an auction in Spring Hope, NC called One Man’s Treasure Auction Company (aka OMT) from someone I met at one of the JMS Estate Sales. Cute young lady that sold vintage cloths; can’t remember her name but her young son I do recall was Roland, 3 or 4 years old, good looking kid. She inquired on some old T-Shirt I had on and wondered if I had any more to sell her. I sent her some pics of 5 or so, of which she only ended up taking the Rick Springfield concert T-Shirt. I ended up giving it to her for free via a porch-pickup and my only ask was to give me some ideas on some different ways to source some good inventory. She mentioned Stan and OMT and said they were good folks and I should check them out. For whatever reason, I never did follow up on that lead, at least not for 6 or so months later. Zabrina and I were driving back from a visit to Rummage Warehouse in Wilson, NC (a great place in its own right and Bill and team are awesome) on a Saturday night,

My Dad’s Facebook Profile Picture

 He’s 87. Classic. John

Yard Sale Day!

Well, the ultimate goal was accomplished. Make a couple people happy and clear out the attic. Done with only 1 trip to the donation center at the end of it. Even had a repeat customer from my first one last year and he brought his sister. Best part was the people we met.  At 12 noon, every thing was free…that’s when it got fun.  John

Every Picture Taken of Our Cat, Sydney, Vol. I

What better to blog about when your bored. We’ll, maybe not every one, but a lot. Some gems with me pre-COVID and cars of course, and snake or two, puzzles, hampers, probably a duck or geese here and there (Click, Clack, and Buck). Hope to die before this cat does because don’t know if I can live without her. John