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Shipping Method for Fragile Large and Medium Pictures and Art

One of the things I like to sell is original art and signed / numbered prints or any interesting print for that matter. I find that I can sometimes acquire them at a reasonable price as many resellers will shy away from these types of items as they require sometimes complex and careful packaging to ship and considered risky. I personally find that to be an opportunity and have gotten to a solid level of experience shipping pictures as large as 36” x 48” or even larger.  There are a couple things that I feel are key, first is that in order to keep the glass from breaking, you need to package the picture such that it has minimal flex in the final box. Second, layers are essential and normal medium to large pictures will have 4 layers of bubble wrap and cardboard on all sides. Of course, it is a good practice to always use corner protectors which are very easy to make yourself and I picked that up through YouTube.  My process is pretty repeatable now a days and it all starts as follows: 1

SecondMoonshot Shipping Materials Shopping List

Below are the item which I regularly order, this is more for my own quick reference than for anyone else. Build your own list! I keep most of the boxes and supplies in the garage, and slowly moving the majority to the storage unit/warehouse. I encourage you to look for best pricing as there are always specials and pricing constantly changes so fast, I can’t keep up  content below was current at the time of the writing, but sure many things outdated.   AGU Warning Fragile Tape-Handle with Care Packing Printing Tape-2 Inch x 330 Feet (110 Yards)-2 Rolls This is a good tape, sticks well and one roll lasts a long time. I don't mess with stickers and just use    small pieces of the tape on sides of a box that don't have any Fragile portions of the tape visible from sealing the box. Update: I now buy this in 6 packs. Duck Brand EZ Start Packing Tape Refill, 4 Rolls, 1.88 Inch x 54.6 Yard, Clear (280068) You can also get these at Walmart for close to the same price in a pinch. I like

What I Have Learned So Far - eBay and Shipping Efficiently

Last updated 8/3/2023 I am sitting at the car dealer getting some service done, so thought I would get another blog post done. I am at Porsche Southpoint in Durham, NC - great folks (hey Roy!). This is the only place I love coming to get car service done…other than paying the bill…but this is warranty work, so all good. For this blog post, I thought I would share some guidance or learnings related to shipping (primarily with eBay, but applies probably to all types of shipping). As I mentioned on the other post, still learning and I bet others (or you) have even more tips to share.  Note that I sell in a lot of categories so vintage anything, books, albums, China replacements, art and pictures, smalls, larges, etc. your category specialties may have different patterns. Let’s get started. 1. When I can’t use eBay, I go to They don’t charge a subscription and just put in the size, weight and shipping info and it gets billed back to you. Pretty straight forwa