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Sydney and Trooper

Every once in a while, our cat Sydney will get on the table where I am taking pictures and I can’t help but include her in a cameo in the eBay listing. Last night, she jumped in the bed and went to sleep, snoring like a Sherman Tank as I petted her. Got me thinking about Sydney and all the cats that have come before, and even my daughter’s current Trooper) and past pit bulls - and the joy they bring us. Sydney is probably the best cat I have ever had. She uses her litter box religiously, has ruined every couch and chair we have owned since we got her, nightly goes into each persons room to sleep with them for a few hours then moves on to the next. Oh, and the best part, she does not meow…nope. In its place, she just claws at whoever is near by or knocks her food or water bowl over to let us know she has needs; such as notifying us she wants to come inside, she will claw at the outside door molding (now the molding around every door is ruined). When Ali, our daughter now 18 years old, w

Some History of SecondMoonshot

Let me give out some history of how all this [SecondMoonshot] started, a small family business created by me and my partner, Zabrina. To begin with, from the age of 13 I have never not had a job, whether it be mowing lawns, delivering newspapers, short stint doing Sunday night DJ at a local radio station (well sorta, more an operator of pre-recorded content), pizzerias (more than a few), office supply and furniture clerk/manager/delivery, Family Dollar as assistant manager (while the manager blew coke in the office), sold Apple Macintosh’s at the Charleston Naval Station PX, and on and on. Much of this was to work my way through college, at which I was not a great student. It only took me 9 years to get my degree (with a probation and a couple DUIs thrown in). Once I graduated with a BS Computer Science degree, I did what we did back in the day, printed out 200 resume’s and sent them to every IT company in South Carolina and landed a job in the Healthcare IT space in 1990. Fast forward