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Moon Photos - Hunters Full Moon - October 21, 2021

 A few shots from Zabrina of the Hunters Full Moon early this morning. John

Moon Photos - Harvest Full Moon - September 21, 2021

 Full moon pics by Zabrina. 

Moon Photos - 98% Moon - September 19, 2021

 Zabrina’s back behind the lens with some great shots.

Moon Photos - Full Moon - August 21, 2021

Some awesome full moon photos on August 21st taken by Zabrina. One day I will get her a bigger lense. John

Moon Photos - Waxing Gibbous - August 19, 2021

Here are a few new moonshots taken by Zabrina during a nice waxing gibbous last night. 

Welcome to SecondMoonshot!

Welcome to the SecondMoonshot Blog and the first post. Over time I will be providing varying types of information such as eBay selling experiences, acquisitions for future postings, business plans, and general interests. Hopefully you will find this informative and occasionally entertaining. John