Auction Picks - One Man’s Treasure Auction Company, Spring Hope, NC and the Spring Hope Classic Car Show

Back in mid-2021 I had heard about an auction in Spring Hope, NC called One Man’s Treasure Auction Company (aka OMT) from someone I met at one of the JMS Estate Sales. Cute young lady that sold vintage cloths; can’t remember her name but her young son I do recall was Roland, 3 or 4 years old, good looking kid. She inquired on some old T-Shirt I had on and wondered if I had any more to sell her. I sent her some pics of 5 or so, of which she only ended up taking the Rick Springfield concert T-Shirt. I ended up giving it to her for free via a porch-pickup and my only ask was to give me some ideas on some different ways to source some good inventory. She mentioned Stan and OMT and said they were good folks and I should check them out.

For whatever reason, I never did follow up on that lead, at least not for 6 or so months later. Zabrina and I were driving back from a visit to Rummage Warehouse in Wilson, NC (a great place in its own right and Bill and team are awesome) on a Saturday night, and on the way back, I saw an exit sign off Hwy 64 for Spring Hope and it was around 4 o’clock or so. On a last minute decision, I knew they had Friday and Saturday auctions and decided to take the exit and lets go see what this Spring Hope and OMT thing is all about. 

We went in to the auction room, LeaAnne (Stan’s wife) got us registered and welcomed us like we were family. We bought 2 or 3 items, one of which was a frog on a mushroom resin piece and I think we spent a total of $12, but we had a lot of laughs. We have been back probably every Friday and Saturday since then (or tried to at least) and come to realize that, yeah, we can get some good deals, be willing to wade through boxes of less valuable stuff and find a nice nugget every once in a while…sure. You can probably say that about every place you go to. Honestly, we feel like we are going to a dinner show when we go, its a (albeit quirky) date night and either we are meeting new people, laughing, or browsing available lots.

But the main reason why we go back is that have met so many people there and every visit we meet a handful more and talk about them (in a good way) all the way back on the 30 minute ride to Wake Forest. Too many to even remember there names, but every one of them is the most friendly, respectful, and giving people you will ever meet. I hope we treat them at least half as good as they have all treated us (not sure if that came out right, but you get my meaning). I have memory issues so could only remember a fraction of the names of the people we met - I won’t name them because I will forget some and it only reflects poorly on me when I miss some…not them.

Last weekend was a little interesting. On Friday, they were short a scribe to record the sales (buyer number, lot and selling price) so they asked Zabrina to sit in for an hour…which of course she did. She was a little overwhelmed at the speed the information came through and quickly got the hang of it. Then the following Saturday night they asked her to fill in again, which she did and will always do so if they ever ask (as will I).

Funny thing is when Z is doing the recording, I spend a lot less money and come home with fewer planters. Coincidence?

On Saturday, April 30th, Spring Hope Chamber of Commerce is sponsoring the Spring Hope Classic Car Show. I am pretty sure this is all of Stan’s doing being a car guy and all. Zabrina thought it would be great to take “Goldie” (our 1976 Porsche 911S Targa) to the show and I quickly concurred. Neither of us are much into the car show scene even though we could probably get an honorable mention on a good day with a little effort…to be honest (and I will probably get flogged) we aren’t much of a fan of PCA events although fully support PCA as an organization…we are just average folk who like to [actually] drive our Porsche cars and thrilled we are blessed enough to have the opportunity - good people and all, just not our people….”its not you, its me”. We wanted to take the opportunity to meet even more people of Spring Hope and surrounding towns, support the community and build on this fond relationship which continues to bring us joy.

Maybe we will see you there! They will have an auction as scheduled at 5pm as normal (although no 3pm parking lot auction due to the car show) and perhaps you might give it a try. If nothing else, we are pretty sure you will have a fun time….or maybe you won’t, but it’s an odds on favorite.



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